iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S Reuters

iPhone 4S, the newest device from Apple, has caused widespread frenzy among customers. The device boasts of great new features such as an 8 MP LED Flash rear camera, retina display, 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, Apple A5 chipset, and a 64 GB Storage option.

One of the features that has attracted attention towards the device is its high definition, scratch-resistant oleophobic, retina display. The new iPhone 4S sports the same retina display known for its amazing viewing angles, high definition and pixel density and crystal clear display as that of the previous iPhone 4.

The only issue may be about its size, 3.5-inch, which, compared to other Android smartphones in the market, is small. However, the new iPhone’s retina display is crisper than what it used to be earlier and is of far better quality than most Android or Windows phones. The retina display complements the camera’s zoom in/zoom out feature and the text is quite clear and displayed in a bigger font.

The retina display was introduced a long time ago but the display on the new iPhone 4S beats the other Apple devices with the same display.

Elsewhere, the eagerly anticipated retina display on the iPad 3 is still in an unsure mode as a previous CNET report stated that stacking that many pixels into the iPad 3 is next to impossible and the maximum that has been achieved by either Samsung and LG are a maximum of 2048×1536 resolution (264 PPI).