Siri Voice Recognition
Siri Voice Recognition Apple

iPhone 4S' Siri and Samsung's Voice Talk are two similar features on two of 2011's hottest mobile phones. Both features allow users to send text messages, make phone calls and play music among other things. Siri and Voice Talk come in handy when you can't use your hands, but they also add a bit of futuristic dazzle to help build up the hype. That's not to say they are gimmicks, just that neither Apple nor Samsung has perfected the voice command technology just yet.

Siri is touted as being better able to understand what you are saying when you give it instructions. With Voice Talk, there are certain commands that you have to use in order for it to work. You have to say, Hi, Galaxy before the Voice Talk function begins. Below is a Voice Talk video tutorial. With Siri, you have to hold down the home button and wait for two quick beeps before speaking. The difference is Siri is supposed to understand what you are telling it without using a set of keywords.

Siri and Voice Talk also both have their own voices and can talk back to you. They both sound somewhat human, but with a definite robot cadence. They are also both female sounding voices. They talk back when reading messages to you or asking what message you want to send. Of course, Siri is now known for having a tiny bit of sass, and there are untold number of silly questions she has unexpected answers for.

Furthermore, iPhone 4S and Galaxy S2 make use of the software to help you navigate and launch apps. But, because the voice technology is far from perfect, both systems have had their share of bugs to work out. Siri famously went kaput in late October for many users, and she was rendered unresponsive on many devices. Voice Talk users have been complaining that the application launches at random or responds at very high or low volume. So the systems are pretty evenly matched.

Siri is the better system for now because of it's dictation function. You can use it to write notes and update your Facebook status or to tweet.

Tell us in the comments if you have used either or both systems and if they make things easier for you.

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