iPhone4S at "Let's Talk iPhone" event. Reuters.com

Apple's big Let's Talk iPhone event announced a new iPhone 4S with faster download speeds, a better camera, and a voice assistant named Siri, but still left many disappointed the company didn't unveil a new iPhone 5.

The hype going into the event -- Apple's first with Tim Cook as CEO -- centered on a brand new iPhone 5 and not simply an upgrade of the preexisting iPhone 4. Despite announcing quite a few upgrades to the iPhone 4, Apple fans quickly took to social media platforms to air their displeasure in the lackluster announcement.

Here are a few of the most interesting comments on Twitter about Apple's announcement:

JessikawithK #iphone4s doesn't feel quite satisfying to be honest

bpage that was an epic fail. #iphone4s

baratunde so #iPhone4s? Tim Cook's fired right? that's how it works right? RIGHT?? #iphone5

Roakster32 What is an iPhone 5?

thewritertype New iPhone is a big disappointment. No toaster, no en suite bathroom, and totally unable to raise the dead. #iPhone4S

Bertwg97 It looks the same!?!?! IT LOOKS THE SAME!?!?! #iphone4s

briankraemer Hey #Apple way to let the Internet down with #iPhone4S. I haven't been hanging on to my 3G for an incrimental upgrade #Boo

AlexGillbanks #iphone4s Feeling underwhelmed... but will probably get one anyway because my phone is on it's deathbed

clarkcosta #iphone4s love the specs but a little disappointed the designs the same.

thehawk999 It's not the phone that disappoints, it's Phill Schiller's wet-blanket approach to presenting #iphone4s #BuzzyMcBuzzkill

EricaBigelow completely let down by Apple's launches announced today. I'm going to be SO mad if the iPod Classic is discontinued.#iphone4s