Apple iPhone 5c
The 4.0-inch Apple iPhone 5se’s schematic diagrams have been leaked by a case maker, revealing key details about the compact device. Pictured above: Apple's iPhone 5c. REUTERS/ADREES LATIF

Apart from the heavily-rumored iPhone 7, Apple’s 4.0-inch iPhone variant has been gaining traction steadily. Although, the tech giant moved to bigger displays with the iPhone 6, 6s and the iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, the market for pocket-friendly displays, however, seems to exist. Rightfully so, Apple is trying to take advantage of this demand and introduce the compact “iPhone 6c.” Some tech portals refer this device as the “iPhone 5se.”

Speaking of design, GSM Arena said past rumors have been split between an iPhone 5s-like hardware setup and an iPhone 6s-like configuration. Although the innards of the device cannot be confirmed, the external look seems to be building up with the help of rumors and leaks.

This time around, Mobile Fun has listed protective cases for the Apple iPhone 6c. Interestingly, the cases are already available for pre-order. Here, take a look at one such transparent case created by the well-known manufacturer Rearth USA.

Apple iPhone 6c cases
An iPhone 6C case revealed by Rearth USA. Mobile Fun

The same retailer has also listed the price of different iPhone 6c models as $21.49. It’s worth noting that case manufacturers usually receive key device-related information like dimensions and the exterior look or place holders prior to the handset’s release. This is to make sure the case manufacturers release the cases on time i.e. when the new device hits the store shelves.

According to rumors, the iPhone 6c will house a powerful processor, support Apple Pay and will come with a better camera and curved corners. This device is believed to come equipped with 16 GB and 64 GB of internal storage space.

Either an 8-megapixel or 12-megapixel rear-facing camera unit with Live Photos will be mounted on the handset. However, there will be no 3D Touch features in the compact device.

Lastly, the price of the iPhone 6c has been speculated as $450. In any case, readers should note that Apple has not confirmed the iPhone 6c specifications or price thus far.