At a time when the “Rose Gold” version of the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has become the crowd favorite across the globe, a new “Black Gold” variant has surfaced from Vietnam. The prominent company Karalux, known for its luxury devices made of expensive metals and stones, has listed the new Black Gold variant.

Apart from the 24K Gold-plated variant, the Vietnamese company Karalux is also offering a Black Gold Apple iPhone 6s. As it turns out, the Black Gold color has been achieved by mixing Gold with Rhodium in a certain ration. However, it is worth noting that the metal Rhodium is reportedly six times more expensive when compared to Gold. According to the company director, “Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the world. Most expensive jewelry over the world has the presence of Rhodium.”

The Black Gold Apple iPhone 6s, which apparently took eight hours to be created, is quite expensive. The Black Gold model ranges from VND 42 million to VND 55 million, depending on the internal storage preference, according to Karalux site. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the 16 GB model has been priced at VND 42 million, which is nearly $1,868. The 128 GB model, on the other hand, can be purchased for $2,446, as per today’s rate.

Meanwhile, potential buyers can check out the slew of images of the Black Gold version, Rose Gold model and 24K Gold-plated variant of the iPhone 6s, in addition to other luxury offerings from Karalux’s official Website. Interested consumers can also order the 64 GB Black Gold version.

Here is the video showcasing the Black Gold Apple iPhone 6s: (Credit: YouTube/Karalux Việt Nam)

Would you be interested in purchasing a Black Gold iPhone 6s? Do you think Apple should introduce such a color in the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 on its own? Feel free to leave a comment.