Apple is expected to introduce the 4-inch display clad iPhone 5se and the iPad Air 3 in March, while the flagship iPhone 7 will be launched later this year. New rumors say the iPhone 7 will come with an improved camera unit with impressive configurations on board.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 is believed to feature a dual camera setup, along with support for optical image stabilization (OIS) and zoom functionality. These camera changes will be developed with the help of LinX technology, BGR reported.

It is worth noting that Apple bought LinX, a camera technology company based out of Israel, for $20 million. This company’s now-defunct official website described its devices as: “LinX cameras are significantly smaller than any camera on the market today, leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets.”

“The LinX cameras not only capture 2D images but also acquire very accurate depth information of the complete scene,” the description added further.

With the help of the newly acquired camera technology, the dual camera setup in iPhone 7 will help in enhancing the overall image quality. In addition, it will also assist in getting in-depth details about the focused object when zooming in.

Apart from LinX, another Israeli company named Corephotonics apparently showcased its own dual camera technology in 2014. Folks at this company gave a video demo to CNet. The video shows the advantages of using Corephotonics’ dual camera setup and indirectly gives an idea of what to expect from Apple iPhone 7’s improved camera unit.

Even if Apple plans to feature the dual-camera technology, there is no guarantee that both flagship and the Plus variant will get this camera setup. Looking at the history, there is a good chance that Apple might make this aspect exclusive to the Plus variant. For instance, when Apple introduced OIS support, it was exclusive to the iPhone 6 Plus, but not to the flagship iPhone 6.

Here is the short video showcasing the advanced camera technology: (Credit: YouTube/CNet)