• Apple is said to release the iPhone 9 this Spring 2020
  • It would be the successor to the iPhone SE's "top-of-the-line Apple specs at an affordable price" specialty
  • Apple has yet to confirm the release for any of its next smartphones for 2020

Many analysts and speculations are predicting that Apple is about to release the iPhone 9 soon. This new smartphone is rumored to have very similar designs, features, and price range as the iPhone SE when it was released back in 2016.

While Apple has yet to officially confirm its release, here’s what we might be able to expect regarding this upcoming smartphone.

Top Of The Line

The iPhone 9’s specs is going to be made with Apple’s best hardware as of its generation. The A13 processor chip will be used in this smartphone which is also used on the current iPhone 11 generation. However, some of the better features available on the iPhone 11 may not be immediately available on the iPhone 9.

This upcoming smartphone would also be using LCD screens on its release. As of now, Apple is currently investing on making its own OLED screens for its future smartphones. The iPhone 9 could be the last Apple smartphone to be released with an LCD screen as of 2020.

The smartphone would also be offered in White, Black and Red colors on release. A concept video from ConceptsiPhone could show what the whole iPhone 9 package looks like on release.

Reused Parts

As the iPhone 9 follows the legacy of the iPhone SE, it’ll be more affordable than the flagship phones that Apple would release in the same year. The company would reuse some parts from older iPhones to make the iPhone 9 to keep its costs lower and explain its affordability. The iPhone 9 is expected to cost astronomically lower ranging from $399 to $599.

The iPhone 9 is said to use iPhone 8 cases and sport a 4.7-inch LCD screen on it. The first variant of the iPhone 9 is expected to arrive in Spring 2020 while another one will follow later in the year.

Return of the Affordable iPhone

Apple is known to provide iOS update support for its smartphones for four to five years. After that, the smartphone will be considered obsolete and will not be compatible with any new hardware or software feature that Apple introduces.

The iPhone SE has already lived up to four years and is on the tip end of the iOS updates. The smartphone is about to be obsolete and many Apple fans are looking forward to get the next generation iPhone SE. Apple has yet to reveal any details about the next affordable iPhone series.