Apple’s Night Mode for its smartphone and tablet cameras is currently exclusively available on its latest flagship, the iPhone 11 and its generation. However, a third-party app offers this feature for the older iPhones that are compatible with the latest iOS 13 update. Even so, the app has varied results depending on the user’s iPhone model.

Night Mode Subtitute App

As of now, the Night Mode is not available on the previous iPhone generations such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS. To get this feature on these smartphones, users will need to download a third-party app called Neural Cam. It costs $4.99 on the App Store.

The Neural Cam app has some similar features to the built iPhone 11 camera. It has the telephoto lens, ultra-wide angle lens, and night mode front camera sensor lens. The iPhone 11’s Night Mode lens is only available on its main 12MP camera.

How It Works

Similar to many apps, boot up the Neural Cam app to start using its Night Mode features. Once the app is up, aim the device’s camera at the object to be captured and press the shutter button. Make sure to hold the smartphone steady until the capture circle shows up.

The app is automatically set to its Night Mode features which allow its users to snap shots in low-light areas. The app also has Night Mode support for the front camera which makes the iPhone 8, X, and XS a little better than the iPhone 11.

Still Improving

While the Neural Cam app offers the Night Mode feature for users, it still has its minor issues when using Night Mode. At times, the image may have problems with highlights and pictures can still turn out to be dark. The developers are steadily working on improving the app to avoid these problems and stay consistent with its features.

As of now, the latest iOS 13 update has yet to include the improved camera features of the iPhone 11’s triple lens camera to its front camera. Fans will have to wait on the latest update to know if the Night Mode will be improved throughout the iPhone 11’s life cycle.