The iPhone Recovery Mode is handy tool in repairing and reverting back the smartphone to a better state. Knowing how to enter recovery mode is key to repairing the smartphone device after it stops booting up. Here’s how it works on Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 11 series.

Before trying to tinker with the device, it’s advisable to update the iTunes app on your Mac or PC to the latest, available version first. The iTunes app is crucial in accessing the Recovery mode as the iPhone 11 obtains genuine iOS software from it. However, the iTunes app requirement is bypassed if the Mac is already on the macOS Catalina update.

Once that’s finished, the iPhone 11 smartphone needs to be plugged in to the Mac or PC to start the Recovery Mode process. If it’s the first time that the iPhone 11 has been plugged in, make sure to accept the prompts which allow full access of the computer to the smartphone.

The plugged iPhone 11 needs to be hard resetted after it’s attached to the computer. Pressing the Volume Up button, Volume Down button and finally holding down the Side Button until the iPhone 11 restarts itself. The hard reset is successful if the iPhone 11 shows the “Connect To iTunes” button on the screen and is still held until the Apple logo shows up.

The Mac or PC, that the iPhone 11 is attached to, will immediately get a prompt that allows its users to update or restore the iPhone 11 smartphone. Updating the iPhone 11 will install the latest iOS update to the smartphone without changing much of your phone’s data. Meanwhile, the Restore option will wipe all of the iPhone 11’s data.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro - Color Variety
The iPhone 11 Pro's successor is expected to have a better camera setup. Apple

Before relying on this option to fix your iPhone 11’s problems, it would be best to consult the nearest Apple Store for its issues first. The Recovery Mode shouldn’t be used as soon as the iPhone 11 starts showing some issues.

To exit the iPhone 11 Recovery mode, just disconnect the iPhone 11 from the computer and boot the smartphone up. Make sure that the iPhone 11 is done with the Recovery mode processes to avoid any loss or further damage to the smartphone’s operating system.