• iPhones have the best screens in any smartphone
  • Live Wallpapers make iPhone screens more alive
  • Here's a way to create Live Wallpapers for Apple's handsets

iPhone displays are some of the best screens in any smartphone. What better way to enjoy that display than by looking at it, particularly at the images that can be used as a wallpaper for when the device is either idle or in use?

While iPhone users can use Live Photos – three-second moving images made before and after pressing the camera shutter button – as Live Wallpapers bringing the handset's screen to life, users can also create Live Wallpapers using static images and a video, iPhoneHacks noted. The latter feature allows creative iPhone users to do more with their handsets and their screens.

Creating Live Wallpapers isn't that hard to do. Here's how to do it, with some help from free resources from the internet.

  • First, iPhone users should launch Safari and go to to get live wallpapers. The site has several live wallpapers created by designer Alex Kunchevsky. Users can get these for free, but can also donate as they so please.
  • Second, users should select a free live wallpaper that they like, tap on free download, then name a fair price for it. Those who want it for free can enter $0, and who want to pay should do so.
  • Third, users will be required to enter an email before downloading. (This is to create an account on Gumroad, where Kunchevsky uploaded the wallpapers. Gumroad users can simply enter the email they use on the platform.) Once done, users should tap on view product, then tap on the download buttons below the image and video
  • Fourth, after this, users should open the Safari download manager, tap on the download icon (at the upper right corner), select the video downloaded, tap on the Share button, then tap on Save Video. Users should also do the same for the downloaded photo.
  • Fifth, users should go back to the iPhone's Home Screen then launch Photos.
  • Sixth, once the app is running, users should tap on Select at the upper right corner, and select both the video and photo (that are now seen in the app).
  • Seventh, users should tap on Share, then select Duplicate. This will create the Live Wallpaper using both the video and photo the user downloaded.

To use the Live Wallpaper, users should tap on the Share icon (at the bottom left corner), then tap on Use as Wallpaper. Users can also tap on Set Lock Screen to use as the wallpaper for when the iPhone is locked.

The iPhone 11 helped Apple regain the crown as leader of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter, according to analysts
The iPhone 11 helped Apple regain the crown as leader of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter, according to analysts AFP / NICOLAS ASFOURI