Leaked renders of iPhone XI reveal three cameras at the back. In Picture: Apple iPhones are seen on display at an Apple Store on January 7, 2019 in Beijing, China. Getty Images/Kevin Frayer

New iPhone XI renders have leaked online, revealing the design of the phone and some of its features. Under pressure to deliver new and innovative technologies, Apple is reportedly bringing some game-changing features in its next flagship device.

According to a report by Forbes, Apple’s Face ID parts provider AMS has made an exciting announcement in a recent press release. The company has developed new light and proximity sensors that can operate at very low lights levels. What this means is that the chips can be placed behind the OLED display, eliminating the need to put the Face ID on the bezel of an iPhone.

The innovation takes Apple one step closer to a bezel-free device. AMS senior marketing manager David Moon also confirmed in the press release that smartphone makers have been actively trying to reduce the bezel size on their devices.

Will the iPhone XI be the first bezel-free device from Apple? Not necessarily. The phone will still need to place its camera at the top, above the screen. That too will change in the near future. Samsung is one of the company’s display partners, and it has announced a new Infinity screen that places the camera behind the screen. That innovation, however, is not expected to hit the market for another two years.

Still, there will be a lot to look forward to in iPhone XI. The renders of the phone that have been leaked on Digit showed that the next flagship from Apple will have three cameras at the rear. The company is also said to be launching three smartphones this year. One device will be a low-end phone that will be a replacement for the XR, while the other two will be high-end variants.

The three cameras suggest that Apple will be bringing the 3D ToF technology to the market with iPhone XI. ToF or Time of Flight technology creates a 3D image, which is achieved by evaluating how much time it takes for light to bounce off an object. Sony is reportedly manufacturing sensors for this technology at the moment.

While Apple fans wait for the release of iPhone XI, there are already fan-made renders that are circulating online. According to a report by Cult of Mac, a more recent design imagining of the phone shows three cameras at the back and a reduced notch at the top to give the device more screen space.