The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be announced this coming August on the company’s next Unpacked show. However, is it any better than Apple’s iPhone XS device? Here’s what we know about the two devices’ performance.

A new Samsung unit has been posted on the tech benchmarking site Geekbench just recently. The  model is called SM-N970F and could possibly be the Note 10 due to its close release. The new Note device has been confirmed to be revealed in the upcoming Unpacked event this August 7.

The mystery device has a Single-Core score of 4495 and Multi-Core Score of 10223.  Compared to Galaxy S10, the supposed Galaxy Note 10 outright beats both its single-core (4289) and multi-core score (9776) respectively. If this device is better than the company’s current flagship phone, it should be worth seeing and buying soon.

However, the new Samsung device cannot compare to the iPhone XS. The XS has a single-core score is 4797 and leaves has a significant gap away from the Note 10 with its 11259 multi-core score. Moreover, the XS Max also has smilar scores to the regular XS which completely leaves behind the Galaxy Note 10.

Even with the benchmark scores leaning toward the Apple devices, it’s still possible for Samsung to catch up when the Galaxy Note 10 is released. The device that the site tested could not have been the final product of the company and can still change it in the few weeks prior its release.

Many Samsung fans are looking forward to August as the next Unpacked event would be on the first week of this month. New devices will be revealed, including the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Speculations have already painted the new features that this new device could have but only the official release can confirm or quell those rumors. The speculated features are its lack of audio jack, 1 TB storage, 45W charging support, and physical buttons.

For now, everybody will just have to wait for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 if it’ll truly be better than Apple’s iPhone XS.