• Apple hasn't released the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro yet
  • A retailer listing reveals that it will be released next month
  • The listing could be a mistake

Apple's new Magic Keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro has a lot of features expected to help turn the new iPad Pro model into a real laptop replacement. The new accessory hasn't been released yet, however, but a retailer listing reveals when people might get the chance to own one.

According to a listing over on Amazon's U.K. website, the new Apple Magic Keyboard will “be released on May 30,” Apple Insider reported. The retail giant's listing claims that it is now available for preorder, and those who will order it will have their orders shipped starting the end of next month.

Interestingly, the listing for the same product in Amazon's U.S. website says that the accessory hasn't been released yet. The difference in their listing seems to indicate a few possibilities.

First, it's possible that the release date claimed by the Amazon U.K. website could be simply a placeholder and not an official release date. Apple Insider noted that retailers sometimes do this while waiting for manufacturers to give them permission to sell the items.

Second, the alleged release date might not be official, but it's interesting to see a major retailer provide a tentative start of shipping date. This could be a mistake on Amazon U.K.'s part, in that it shouldn't announce the release date but slipped. Or it could simply be an attempt to get more consumers to preorder the new accessory.

That said, nothing is official at the moment. Fans will best wait for Apple to announce it.

What to expect?

The new Apple Magic Keyboard offers several features that will enhance the use of the iPad Pro. Here's a glance at what consumers can expect from it once released.

  • A better typing experience

Apple has ditched the problematic butterfly mechanism and opted to use the scissor mechanism for the new Magic Keyboard. This will allow users to enjoy the same feel and responsiveness comparable to the Magic Keyboard for the company's desktop and laptop offerings. The backlit keys also mean it can be used in the dark of night.

  • Adjustable viewing angles

The new Magic Keyboard has a unique floating hinge design that allows the iPad Pro to be adjusted for better, more comfortable viewing angles.

  • Compatibility with the new and older iPad Pro

The Magic Keyboard is compatible with both the 2018 iPad Pro and the 2020 iPad Pro. This means those who can't afford to get the new tablet yet can simply opt to get the new accessory to enhance their iPad Pro experience.

2020 iPad Pro
2020 iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard. Apple