• iOS 14 will bring an update to Apple Maps that will provide cycling directions to cyclists
  • The new feature only covers Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in the U.S. and Beijing and Shanghai in China at the moment
  • Apple still needs to tweak the app as it previously gave directions that would take cyclists on a route that would require them to climb hilly areas

Starting in iOS 14, the Apple Maps app will be able to provide users with cycling directions in the event that they want to go somewhere using their bikes.

The new feature, which has been available in Google Maps for a long time now, might make iDevice users choose to stick with Apple's own navigational app instead of relying on third-party options.

Apple Maps will make it easy for users to get cycling directions. However, MacRumors noted that at the moment, the app will only give cycling directions for locations in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco in the U.S. and Beijing and Shanghai in China.

Here's how to get cycling directions via Apple Maps:

  • First, users should launch the Maps app on their iPhone running on iOS 14. (This can also be done on iPads running on iPadOS 14).
  • Second, once the Maps app is up, users should tap on the search field then enter an address or a place they want to go to.
  • Third, once the location is shown on screen, users should tap on Directions.
  • Fourth, users will be given various transport options to choose from. Users should look for the bicycle icon (second from right) and tap on it.
  • Fifth, users will be given suggested directions on the screen. Users should adjust the toggles as they need to avoid certain roads.
  • Sixth, once done choosing the preferred route, users should tap on Go to start receiving turn-based directions.
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    Not that great yet, but it's off to a decent start

    The Maps app will provide users with turn-based directions that will help them get to their designated destination via the route they have chosen. While the feature sounds exciting, Mashable noted that Apple will need to work on improving it so that it will provide users with the best cycling directions.

    Apple demoed the cycling directions feature when it announced iOS 14 last month during WWDC. Mashable said that at the time, the app provided directions that would take cyclists on a route that would require them to climb hilly areas. A Twitter user said that route will make cyclists climb 500 feet.

    But considering that iOS 14 isn't finished yet, Apple could still tweak the Maps app so that it would provide routes that cyclists would love to traverse.