• iOS 14 has new features
  • These might kill some third-party apps
  • These features, however, seem to be borrowed from third-party apps, a report claims

Apple announced iOS 14 last month, alongside major updates to its other operating systems. The new iPhone operating system brings a slew of enhancements and new features meant to give users the best experience they can have with the company's handset.

Many of these features seem to have been borrowed or copied from third-party apps and services, iPhoneHacks noted. Many third-party apps offer features that cannot be found in Apple's native apps, prompting users to download them and use them over the firm's offerings.

iOS 14's new features will effectively make new and upgrading iOS users think twice before downloading a third-party app with similar features. It's worth noting that third-party apps, however, still implement their features far better than Apple does, iPhoneHacks reported.

That said, here are some apps that iOS 14's new features might kill off unless they get better and make it harder for Apple to copy.

WhatsApp and Telegram

WhatsApp and Telegram offered features that make it easy for users to manage their conversations and group messages. Apple borrowed some of these and added them to iOS 14, which means users won't have to download these third-party messaging apps if they don't want to.

iOS 14 now allows users to pin/unpin conversations. It also added a feature that notifies users if they are mentioned in group conversations. These and more improvements make for a better Messages experience.

Google Translate App

Apple added a new Translate app to iOS 14, which will likely take the place of the Google Translate app for many users. The new iOS 14 app is capable of translating voice and text from 11 languages. Best of all, the app can do this offline, which means users won't need to use data to translate foreign words. They also won't have to worry about their translation requests being snooped on.

This feature is also added to Safari, which means those who use Google Chrome for the translation feature won't have to switch to it anymore.

Google Maps

Apple Maps is a very useful navigation app, but previously, most users favored Google Maps due to its rich detail and wide array of features. That's going to change, however, as Apple adds a new feature that's long been missing from Apple Maps and long present in Google Maps: Cycling Directions. This might make some users ditch Google's navigation app.

Brave and Firefox

These two browsers touted privacy and safety against trackers as something to look forward to when using. The addition of Privacy Reports to Safari, however, just might make Apple's native browser more appealing to more users.

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