Shortly after Yuanta Securities Co. reported that production bottlenecks would delay the iPad 2, All Things D reports has reported that it will come on time and quite soon.

The blog reports that Apple is set to unveil the iPad successor at a special event on March 2nd. Yuanta's research note speculated that last-minute design alterations would delay the iPad 2's launch from April to June. Other reports said that similar concerns would shelve the release of the iPhone 5 to September.

Reuters later refuted the story, noting that sources familiar with the matter said that the Yuanta report was incorrect.

The timely release of the iPad 2 is important for Apple, which will face increased competition from companies looking to stake their own claims in the tablet market. Currently one of the most visible contenders, Motorola's Xoom tablet, is set to launch Feb. 24. Another major challenger, HP's TouchPad, previously expected this summer, might end up being released this April, according to a Digitimes report.

According to International Data Corporation, Apple's iPad accounted for 87 percent of the tablet market during the third quarter of 2010. This is a number sure to decline as other tablets come to market

Peter King, Director of tablets and touch screens at Strategy Analytics, wasn't convinced by the rumors of the iPad's delay, and disputed the notion that it was a delay at all. Though speculation about the iPad 2 has been rampant for months, Apple has not yet even offered a hint of the iPad 2's existence.

Still, he said, an iPad 2 delay would prove to be good news for companies preparing their iPad competitors.

Though this part of the year is not the critical buying period for devices, an iPad 2 delay would offer glimmer of hope for Motorola, RIM, Dell, and HP -- all the guys that are coming to market behind Apple, he said.

King also noted that, besides the journalists following the daily Apple product rumors, few consumers would be aware of any potential iPad 2 delay.

We can't assume that the consumers are aware of these rumors. They are going to be more concerned with questions over enhancement and pricing, he said.

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