One of Apple’s partner companies confirmed that it is developing the A13 Chip for the 2019 iPhone devices. The iPhone 11’s A13 chip is going to be ready by the second quarter of this year. Here’s what we know about this.

According to Digitimes, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is already working on an improved N7+ chip, which is the basis for the Apple A13 chip that will be used for the 2019 iPhone devices. The new N7+ chip is speculated to be the “N7 Pro,” according to Apple Insider.

For its devices, Apple has a tendency to buy hardware from other companies and improve the devices further for their own use.

The A13 chip is expected to run all of the applications and operational processes of the iPhone 11. While the new chip is confirmed to be an improvement, the report didn’t list the specific upgrades added to this new chip. After the A13 chip, the A14 chip is speculated to have a 5-nanometer production process for the 2020 iPhone devices.

In other news, Apple is also planning to boost its devices with micro LED improvements. With the new micro LEDs, Apple not only improves the large device it was intended for but also makes it a cheaper device. Potentially, Apple could also add this new LED improvement to the iPhone 11 too.

In the first quarter of 2019, Apple had been tightlipped about details of the new iPhone 11. Official details about its hardware, features and release date have yet to be fully finalized.

In the recent March event in the Steve Jobs theater, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company is developing new devices on the way but revealed no specifics about these devices.

In other news, Apple also released a new set of subscription services last month. True to Apple’s focus this year, the company will introduce new services and improve their existing ones. A device improvement such as the A13 chip could be needed for the upcoming  services offered in the future.