• Apple will allegedly equip the next Apple TV with HomePod
  • This device will reportedly have a camera for video calls
  • Apple is also set to launch a high-end speaker with a robotic arm
  • This could be Apple's attempt to revive its sales in the home category

Apple is reportedly planning to come up with an impressive product that brings together its HomePod speaker, FaceTime camera and Apple TV set-top box.

A recent report hinted that Apple is working on combining the HomePod speaker with the AppleTV. The technology will come with the FaceTime camera for video conferencing through a connected TV set, according to Bloomberg.

With this ambitious smart-home device, users can enjoy watching videos and playing games like when they are using an Apple TV. They can also play music and use Siri, Apple's smart assistant, and have an experience that's similar to what Apple's smart speaker can deliver, sources told Bloomberg.

The same sources, who are familiar with the matter but asked not to be named, also said that Apple's plan to put the Apple TV, HomePod speaker and FaceTime camera together is still in the early stage of planning. There is also a chance that the Cupertino-based giant will not launch the project or change some of its key features.

Apple has also been rumored to be working on an updated version of the Apple TV. According to MacRumors, Apple plans to make this iteration more gaming-focused with an updated remote control, a faster processor and an increased storage capacity.

Rumors about a new Apple TV launch and Apple's effort to merge different departments' strengths to introduce a new project have been popping up since January 2020. Later that year, Apple combined the Apple TV and HomePod engineering teams to integrate the software powering both devices.

Meanwhile, as a part of its efforts to meet the demands and compete with the current market leaders, Apple also plans to launch a high-end speaker with a touch screen. For this particular device, the company will combine a HomePod speaker, iPad and camera.

The tech giant plans to put a robotic arm on the HomePod speaker where the iPad will be placed, allowing it to move around and follow a user across a room. The concept of the new HomePod design is similar to that of the Echo Show gadget, the latest Amazon technology.

Bloomberg said this could be Apple's move to revive its sales in the home category. It can be recalled that the company recently halted production of the high-end Apple HomePod. The HomePod mini rolled out in 2020 and made far better sales than its predecessor for its budget-friendly rates.

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Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook speaks during a company product launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, March 25, 2019. Michael Short/Getty Images