One of the heavily rumored Apple products coming in 2020 is the iPhone SE 2. Earlier, several sites reported that the compact and refreshed version of the iPhone SE would be retailed at a base price of $399. Aside from its price tag, it is also speculated to sport next-generation technology, and Apple reportedly predicts that the iPhone SE 2 is going to bring the company around 30 million in sales next year.

Wccftech recently picked up a report out of China, which reportedly states that Apple has already predicted that the sales of iPhone SE 2 will reach 30 million next year. TFI analyst and reliable Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo previously estimated that Apple would ship around 20 million units of the new iteration of the iPhone SE in those 12 months. However, the Taiwan-based analyst said that while Apple’s 30 million projection is achievable, it is too optimistic.

iPhone 8
A South Korean agency is considering an iPhone 8 recall in the country. Reuters/Edgar Su

Given the base price and the impressive features of the iPhone SE 2, it will be a successful handset when it releases in 2020, according to wccftech. We already know from previous reports that the iPhone SE 2 will be issued with 3 GB of RAM and a 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage configurations. While these are impressive, the success of the upcoming compact iPhone will not solely depend on these.

It will reportedly house Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which is the same chip running on iPhone 11 series. Additionally, the iPhone SE 2 will sport a 4.7-inch LCD screen that will most likely be supplied by LG. Rumors have it that it will borrow the design of the iPhone 8, which means its older design will not allow it to feature Face ID. In other words, unlocking the phone will involve using Touch ID once again.

The iPhone SE 2 is anticipated to arrive in Mar. 2020, according to reports. The upcoming device will not be marketed to consumers who want the latest and the most technologically advanced smartphone. Instead, the iPhone SE 2 will be sold to those who want the same Apple quality but at a much affordable price.