Apple is planning on releasing a “Super Bundle” that brings two of its biggest services together in one affordable package, a report said. Some people, however, seem nervous about the idea.

Cupertino tech giant Apple is planning on combining the content and features of Apple Music and Apple TV+ in one “Super Bundle,” a Financial Times report revealed. This huge bundle, which will include all songs from Apple’s music streaming service as well as the shows included in Apple TV+, is said to have a low price.

What to expect

Analysts suggested earlier that Apple will soon create a super bundle of sorts, targeting those who have subscribed to at least one of its services during the previous year. The super bundles could come in tiers, with each tier bundle having a different offering and a different price.

A super bundle that includes Apple Music, which costs $10 a month, and Apple TV+, which is expected to cost $5 a month to compete against rival services, will likely cost around $13 a month, the Financial Times noted. Should Apple decide to create tier bundles, the prices will vary depending on the services included.


The report also revealed that while some record labels are open to the idea of offering Apple Music and Apple TV+ content together at a lower price, some are nervous about it. One big record company speaking to FT, in particular, said it had “concerns” about the plan, especially because only a decade ago, Apple “strong-armed” record labels into selling songs on iTunes for only $0.99 each.

Now, Apple isn’t required to pressure these record labels to lower the price of each song for the rumored super bundle. It also won’t be pressured to share with the labels the revenues it expects to receive from the aforementioned super bundle. It has the freedom to stream any content it already licensed on the platform that it owns - whether it offers the platform or app for a lower price or not.

That said, Apple isn’t really intending to get more profit over the bundled content, analysts speaking to FT said. Apple is simply interested in enticing more people to subscribe to its services, and what better way than to offer them at a lower price.

Apple Music 1 A logo for Apple Music is pictured. Photo: Getty Images/Lionel Bonaventure