Apart from Apple’s hardware releases this year, fans are also looking forward to its software updates, which the company typically showcase at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Interestingly, Apple seems to have already begun working on its next-generation iOS operating system, iOS 13.

MacRumors revealed this week that it has spotted visitors of its website who are using Apple iP addresses on devices that are running iOS 13. The news outlet said that the first time it spotted a guest who was using an iOS 13-running device was back in October.

Then similar visitors accessed its website in November and in December, and this seemingly suggests that more users may have gotten access to iOS 13. Over the holidays, visits of iOS 13 devices slowed down. But they are expected to pick up again this year.

The presence of devices running iOS 13 indicates that Apple has been quietly working on the upcoming major update way ahead of its big reveal at the WWDC in June. This is, of course, not to surprising since Apple typically starts working on new software versions many months in advance.

As to what can Apple fans expect from iOS 13, there’s a big chance that the software update come bring big changes and significant under-the-hood improvements for iPad tablets and iPhones. There’s also a possibility that it would be the one to realize some of iOS 12’s delayed features, such as the expanded photo management features.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman tweeted early last year that iOS 13 is likely to have a “big iPad-focused feature upgrade.” The journalist then noted that the future update could come with an updated Files app, a home screen redesign, Apple Pencil features and many others.

No official information about iOS 13 has been released so far. Fans can expect details of the software upgrade to leak out possibly in the coming weeks or months as Apple continues to develop the major update. Apple is then expected to officially introduce iOS 13 in all its glory during its developers conference in June.

The news comes after Apple revealed on its developer page that 75 percent of all its iOS devices were already running iOS 12. This means iOS 12 adoption has already outpaced iOS 11 adoption by 10 percent.

Apple is reportedly working on iOS 13.3 beta so it could fix the worst memory bug that has been frustrating many users. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan