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Apple's iOS 11 will come out later this year. Getty

Apple released iOS 10.3.3 on Wednesday for iPhones and iPads software, which could be the final update before iOS 11 launches in September.

The update includes “bug fixes and improves the security” of iOS devices. To update your device to iOS 10.3.3, go to your Settings > General > Software Update > Download.

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Meanwhile, Apple released iOS 11 beta 3 on July 10 for developers. Apple gave fans a preview of the upcoming update at its Worldwide Developers Conference last month.

Here are features iOS 11 will bring to iPhones and iPads:

Health Features on iOS 11

The upcoming update will come with health features, which intends to make iOS devices work better with the Apple Watch. iOS 11 will allow you to sync your health data across devices by sharing your information via iCloud with your Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. iOS 11 and the watchOS 4 update for the Apple Watch will also sync music playlists from Apple Music to your wearable device for your workouts.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

The upcoming update will include a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, addressing lawsuits filed against Apple related to distracted driving. The new mode will automatically sense when you’re driving, by using speed detection, and will turn off notifications. The feature will auto-reply incoming messages, saying you’ll answer later.

Apple Pay

iOS 11 will allow users to make person-to-person payments via iMessage. Users will be able to send and receive money using their Touch ID. iOS devices will have the ability to detect when someone tells the user money is owed in iMessage and will pull up Apple Pay as a suggestion. The money received will be added to the user’s Apple Pay Cash Card, which can be used to make purchases with Apple Pay and transfer the funds to bank accounts.

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Core Chip Will Work For More Than Apple Pay

With iOS 11, the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in your iPhone will have more capabilities besides Apple Pay. Apple announced at WWDC it was opening its NFC chip to developers.

Like Apple Pay, users will see a “Ready to Scan” box when holding their iPhone near an object with an NFC tag. When the product is detected, the screen displays a checkmark and will shows users information about the product they just scanned. This could work for when you’re out grocery shopping. With the technology you’ll be able to get nutritional information, price history, recipe ideas or other information when scanning an item.

iOS 11 will also include changes to the Control Center, File System, Notification System and Photos app. The update will also boost Siri and will let you drag and drop contents from one app to another.

iOS 11 is expected to be released alongside the iPhone 8.