Is Apple close to releasing its iMessage app for the Android platform? The Cupertino giant is revealed to have created mockups of the messaging app; however, the fate of such an app is still bleak. 

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber revealed this Monday that he has heard from insiders that mockups of iMessage for Android are circulating in the Cupertino facility of the tech giant. He even claimed that the mockups have varying UI styles, with one mimicking Google’s Material Design. 

Unfortunately, Gruber did not get any confirmation whether iMessage is going to be released for the Android platform. AppleInsider points out that Gruber’s revelation about the mockups was only an aside to his main point on how Apple’s iMessage is only exclusive to iOS and macOS-running devices. 

Gruber did point out that the possibility of iMessage for Android to be released is slim, but the fact that mockups are already available is a good sign that there is really a chance for this app to see the light of the day. 

Rumors swirled that Apple is bringing its iMessage app to the Android OS early this year after it was revealed that the Cupertino giant has opened up avenues beyond its iOS and OS X platforms and has decided to allot more attention to its services. 

MacRumors has learned that the tech community was expecting Apple to announce iMessage for Android at WWDC. However, since no announcement was made, the rumors somehow died down. It also did not help that an Apple executive stated at the time that iMessage helps in selling iPhones and iPads, so it’s a good thing that the app is only available on these devices.

As of late, the only Apple apps that are available on the Android OS are Apple Music, Move to iOS and Beats Pill. The company is expected to bring more of its apps to the Google Play Store, since CEO Tim Cook has voiced out that Apple Music is just a means of testing out the reception of Apple services on other platforms.