Apple Staingate
Customers can check to see whether they're eligible for repair by bringing their MacBook to an Apple Genius Bar or authorized service provider. Reuters/Albert Gea

MacBook owners who've found their laptop screen’s antireflective coating is wearing off may be eligible for a free repair. According to MacRumors, Apple sent out an internal notice to its employees about a new repair program for the defective screen coatings.

In response to the issue, Apple will replace the displays on affected MacBooks without charge for at least three years from the date of original purchase, or one year after Oct. 16 -- whichever period is longer. Customers who have already had repairs performed out of warranty may be eligible for reimbursement through AppleCare, according to the report.

To take advantage of the program, customers will have to visit an Apple authorized service provider or visit an Apple Store Genius bar. The company isn’t expected to launch a formal repair program website for the affected displays, unlike a program launched for the iPhone 6 Plus. Similar repair programs were also launched for problems with products such as the iPhone 5 and Beats XL Speakers.

While Apple has started to take action on the affected MacBooks, complaints arose about the antireflective coating wearing off from displays on its notebooks manufactured as early as 2012, according to an Apple support thread. The early wearing of the coating has been attributed to a number of reasons, ranging from the use of third-party cleaning solutions to pressure from the MacBook’s keyboard on the display. In some cases the “wear stains” only affect a portion of the display; in others, the stains can appear as large patches.

Since the problem was discovered, a Facebook group dedicated to the issue -- dubbed “Staingate” -- has gathered more than 4,000 followers. Several others posted pictures of their affected displays on