The heavyweight threat from Google's Nexus 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab have signaled a response from Apple. The iPhone 5 new design and iPad 3 upgraded display are rumored to counter the upgraded Android threats.

Apple's iPhone 5 promises to launch with a faster A5 dual-core processor which will be placed in a radical new case design according to Bloomberg. The case will contain aluminum metal, straying away from the current glass surface back piece. The slimmer design may also incorporate a tear drop look with the top being thick then tapering to a skinner bottom. It's larger side-to-side screen is also expected to fit in this new design. No confirmation yet on if iPhone 5 will utilize a curved glass touchscreen or if it be a SIM-less world phone. One thing Bloomberg did confirm was the integration of an 8 mega pixel camera, which could sit well with a high definition 1080p video playback feature.

Apple's attention to displays carry over to their new iPad 3 where rumors have sparked about its enhanced screen resolution. The new touchscreen display resolution is said to be one third greater than the current iPad 2 screen specs. Other rumors have mentioned the new resolution would be three times greater, but according to the Bloomberg report, the upgrade will not be as drastic as perceived.

The timing of Apple's mobile devices is critical as it counters Android's growing line of updgrade smartphones and tablets. The Nexus 4G is expected to be a monster that can seriously rival the iPhone 5 with a potential 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and large screen. The Google smartphone is also expected to run the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, upon its release, which has showed off some powerful new features at the last Google conference.

The Android powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 has also set the bar for iPad 3 as it exceeds the iPad 2 with a slimmer body tablet and 1080p High Def video playback. Its compatibility with Adobe Flash, higher screen resolution (1280x800) and light weight of 1.32 pounds will keep expectations high for the iPad 3.

The iPhone 5 will be expected to announce the release at Apple's annual iPod and iTunes conference. The Android Nexus 4G is also expected around that time in September. The iPad 3 is not yet confirmed while the Samsung tablet is now available.

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