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Apple- Samsung copyright dispute has flared up the interest of industry watchers as well as smartphone users. News features, discussions boards, blogs and other online forums are trying to put the gadget-giants' conflict into perspective. Apple has said that they feel harassed by Samsung who have allegedly copied the look and feel of iPhone and iPad.

More than two weeks back Samsung sought a court order to force Apple to disclose iPhone and iPad models under development, claiming it needs the information to defend against allegations of copying, according to a Bloomberg report. The iPhone and iPad in question here is iPhone 5 and iPad 3 which are expected to be unveiled in near future.

The Bloomberg report continued to say that The move comes a month after Apple asked the court to order the South Korean company to disclose unreleased Samsung products, according to the filing. Apple intended to take down some of the Samsung products through a court order once they are produced for their verification.

Though both claims look like harassment in reciprocation, there is more to the picture than meets the eye.

Apple is the one whose products are being copied, which means their products which are yet to see the light of the day cannot possibly be copied by Samsung at present, which deems Samsung's argument it needs the information to defend against allegations of copying, impractical. In fact their demand to see Apple's future products in the shadow of Apple's demands can be seen as industry spying aided by the court.

With Apple being in a superior position with regard to their arguments, it may be unlikely for the court to grant Samsung's wish to have a look at Apple's future products.

But does Apple's copyright allegations hold good in the greater scheme of things?

What did you expect when you created a product that changes everything? If you're going to sue Samsung, then you need to sue every other manufacturer that makes smartphones and tablets, and while you're at it, netbooks, notebooks and laptops. You want to set the standard, but then you complain when everyone meets that standard and surpasses it, a user commented on an article posted on

The comment was disputed by another user who wrote: Look at the Nexus, or Droid. Do they look like an iPhone? Look at the Android OS, WM7, do they look like iOS? Now take a close look at Samsung and you will understand why Apple is pissed.

The comments are reflective of industry and user reaction to the lawsuit. With the court's decision imminent, let speculation rest in peace.