• A new patent shows Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality smartglasses
  • Apple is looking at creating smartglasses with removable arms
  • The arms can be removed and replaced depending on the user's needs and preferences

A new patent shows that Apple might create a pair of smart glasses with arms that can be removed and replaced as needed or preferred.

Previous reports indicate that Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality glasses that are sleeker and look more comfortable to wear outside than AR headsets. Reports said the company will take a bit of time to work on the device and will likely release it not less than one or two years from now.

Aside from working on technologies that can be used on the smartglasses' display and other related things, a new patent indicates that Apple is also looking into creating smartglasses with removable arms, Apple Insider reported.

The new patent, titled “Modular System For Head-Mounted Device,” talks about a head-mounted device (like smartglasses) with arms that can be removed and replaced depending on the user's preference. The arms – which normally serves as a way for glasses to hang on to the user's head and balance on the ears – will be used to add more function to the device.

Apple smartglasses modular
Apple's modular smartglasses Apple/USPTO

Per the patent, the smartglasses can have a “modular system” that will allow users to add or remove functions and features as needed. The patent indicates that users will be able to do this using arm modules equipped with certain components meant to do specific functions.

“The modular configurations allow a user to easily customize a head-mounted device with one or more arm modules to provide features that integrate with other operations of the frame module of the head-mounted device. The arm modules can be easily exchanged with each other to provide different components and functions at different times,” the patent read.

Patent illustrations show that arm modules can vary in size and shape depending on the components they have. The varying components will result to a variety in functions and features. The difference in sizes will also determine how the smartglasses will look like, as well as how they might feel when worn.

Apple smartglasses arm modules
The arm modules vary in size depending on features Apple/USPTO

The patent claims that using arm modules will let users personalize the device to meet their preferences and needs. Those who want long battery life or a high resolution display, for example, can simply attach the necessary arm module. Those who don't need such features and prefer to have basic smartglasses with a slim frame, on the other hand, will be able to customize it as needed.