Apple supplier Catcher Technology has responded to claims that it does not provide a safe working environment for its workers. Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne

Apple supplier Catcher Technology has responded to the allegations saying it does not provide a safe working environment to its employees. The Taiwan-based company also insisted that it is following Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

On Friday, DigiTimes learned that the metal-alloy chassis maker has dismissed the report made by China Labor Watch, claiming that the condition of its plant in Suqian in eastern China is poor. In response, Catcher said that it has been paying attention to “environmental and labor-related matters” and that it’s been following Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct while also making improvements year after year.

Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct pertains to the Cupertino giant’s set of rules for its partners who have been providing it with services and components for its various products, like the iPhone and MacBook. “Apple is committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct,” the introduction of the guidelines states.

Apple also indicated in its supplier guidelines that its partners are “required to provide safe, working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically, and use environmentally responsible practices wherever they make products or perform services for Apple.”

In China Labor Watch’s report — published earlier this week with the help of Bloomberg — it is stated there that employees working at a Catcher plant were made to stand up for up to 10 hours while making iPhone casings. The factory was also described as having safety hazards. Also noted was the lack of proper protective gear for employees to wear when handling dangerous chemicals.

The nonprofit also disclosed that because of the unsafe working conditions at Catcher’s plant, 90 workers were hospitalized last May after inhaling toxic gases. Five out of the 90 were reportedly admitted to the ICU. Even China Labor Watch’s own investigator suffered because of the unsafe chemicals and substances present at the factory.

Catcher did not give specific responses to the allegations the organization made against its plant. However, it did say that it is in the process of building a new dormitory at the plant where employees can move in starting next year. The Apple supplier maintained that the new dorms meet the local standards and that it is committed to improving the living environment of its workers.