Apple and Adobe are working on new products or apps for the iPad Pro. This is what the Cupertino giant’s marketing head, Phil Schiller, revealed when he made a surprise appearance at Adobe’s MAX conference on Monday. 

When Schiller showed up at the event, he teased the audience about the upcoming Photoshop CC for iPad tablets as well as a new technology that is in the works with Adobe. “Adobe has understood the potential of the iPad Pro” and the two companies have been “working together on some really amazing technology,” Schiller was quoted as saying by AppleInsider

Schiller did not spill the beans on the upcoming technology he mentioned. He simply said that the Max announcements at the event are “the beginnings” of what Apple’s collaboration with Adobe can do. He may have also implied that the new technology could enhance the creativity aspect of the iPad Pro when he said, “... we care deeply about the evolution of the iPad into increasingly a tool that is essential to a creative workflow.”

Adobe’s Photoshop CC is already scheduled to come to iPad tablets next year. When Schiller talked about the app, he admitted that they never imagined Photoshop to be running on Apple’s tablets although they had a clear vision of enabling creatives through the company’s products from the very beginning. 

“When we talked about that, we never envisioned a world where we would be running Photoshop on an iPad Pro everywhere you are,” he said. “I mean that’s just mind-blowing what’s going to be created from all these brilliant people with that.”

Photoshop CC is going to be Adobe’s first iOS version of Photoshop that will come equipped with all of the same tools found in the software’s Mac and Windows versions. This is Apple and Adobe’s answer to complaints made by professional artists and photographers about the iPad Pro lacking an editing app that’s up to par with editing software for computers. 

Adobe is also working on other tablet apps. Project Gemini is a new painting app that is capable of simulating real brushes, paints and other art tools. It is said to combine vector drawing, raster graphics and the Photoshop engine into a single app that is also scheduled for release next year, as per Ars Technica