Apple is in the process of updating its Apple Maps app ever since it rolled out iOS 12. This week, the Cupertino giant’s Apple Maps vehicles were spotted collecting mapping data in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the company appears to have ditched its minivans for Subaru Impreza wagons to carry out the data-gathering task. 

Business Insider recently received tips from two different people in the Los Angeles area about Apple’s new street mapping cars. The anonymous sources provided the news outlet with photos of what appears to be Subaru Impreza wagons equipped with laser-based LIDAR sensors. The sensors gather depth data for autonomous vehicles and augmented reality applications. 

In addition to the beehive-like protruding equipment from the roof of the Subaru cars, the Apple Maps stickers on their passenger windows give away the fact that they are Apple’s new vehicles for the purpose of mapping street data. 

Apple previously relied on minivans to gather data for its Maps app. It’s also worth noting that Apple is using Lexus SUVs to test its self-driving technology in Northern California. So the use of the LIDAR-equipped Subarus is a first for Apple, according to MacRumors

Apple is currently rebuilding its mapping service from the ground up for better accuracy. In the past, Apple used data from Google Maps for its service. However, it ditched Google content in 2012 when it began using data from third-party sources including TomTom. 

The Cupertino giant’s mapping service has been criticized for inaccurate information, but such complaints have significantly diminished in the recent years, as pointed out by AppleInsider. By collecting its own data at present, Apple seems to be more serious in delivering more accurate and up-to-date traffic data to users. 

The new Maps app, which is already available in California, comes with improved traffic updates and updated information on real-time road conditions, road systems, and construction projects. It also has updated pedestrian walkways and more detailed rendering of foliage such as grass and trees. 

Aside from Los Angeles, Apple’s new Apple Maps vehicles may also be collecting data in San Francisco. A similar setup was previously spotted in the area. However, unlike the white Subaru Imprezas in Los Angles, the one that was spotted in San Francisco did not have the Apple Maps sticker.