Baseball and basketball fans finally have a reason to grab an Apple TV, as announces that Apple's device is landing MLB.TV's streaming service.

Current Apple TV owners with MLB.TV subscriptions can get the features via a software update, which also adds support of NBA game streams via NBA League Pass.

Apple's $99 Apple TV is the latest streaming device to land MLB.TV, which is currently available via Roku, Boxee, and Sony's Playstation 3. Like the rest of these devices, Apple TV is also subject to media blackouts, which restrict games broadcast at certain times from being streamed. Saturday games starting between 1:10 and 7:05 PM EST and Sunday games starting after 5:00 PM are all subject to blackout restrictions, in addition to games broadcasting during other periods. 

Streams via Apple TV are also subject to in-market restrictions, which prevent viewers in certain areas from watching local games. MLB.TV makes the recordings of restricted games available shortly after their conclusion.

In addition to streaming games, the MLB.TV service also offers game scores and team standings. 

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