Apple Watch
Apple Watch models are on display in an Apple Store in New York on Sept. 10, 2015. Getty Images/Spencer Platt

The rumor mill is claiming that Apple is working on a sequel for its smartwatch. Speculations suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will carry support for mobile data connectivity which means users will be able to use it without tethering to an iPhone.

Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple Watch 2 will be coming with integrated mobile data and a faster next generation chipset. These speculations suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will be a standalone device and it will able to carry out numerous tasks without depending on an iPhone.

The arrival of integrated cellular connection on Apple Watch 2 indicates that users may have to avail yet another data plan, but it would also bring along new benefits. The first generation Apple Watch relies on a paired iPhone for installation and updating of apps. It also requires a tethered iPhone to answering messages and making phone calls.

One of the requirements that Apple has introduced for submitting watchOS apps is that app developers are required to submit apps that can run on the Apple Watch without requiring a connected iPhone to install it. The native apps will work faster without transmitting data to tethered iPhone.

Since the Apple Watch 2 would not require a tethered iPhone, the standalone smartwatch will let users listen to live streaming music and use GPS. It would also allow users to make phone calls or send text messages.

The arrival of mobile data connectivity would also allow users to only carry the smartwatch to track fitness activities without the need of carrying along an iPhone. Rumors also suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will be arriving with a 40 percent thinner chassis than the first generation model.

The upcoming iPhone 7 models are expected to get announced in September this year. Rumors are rife that the Apple Watch 2 release date is also slated to happen in September.