All eyes are on the Apple Watch Series 5 release as analysts and fans of the smartwatch are excited to see how else the Cupertino giant can top the already excellent Series 4.

Being a creature of habit, many are speculating that the next Apple smartwatch will be released by September this year. However, some reports are saying that the Cupertino company might be pushing the Series 5 by 2020 because of all the exciting yet complex features that are said to be part of the new watch’s functions.

So far, news of the new features are mostly from patent news and there is no solid information of what the actual functions of the Series 5 will be. This has some people speculating that there could be truth in the 2020 release.

Included in the complex and new functions of the new smartwatch is the sleep tracker which could mean that users need to wear their watch all the time while sleeping to get proper data. This is still one function that got a lot of people excited as it will truly benefit those who have trouble sleeping or have sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

News of the sleep tracking capabilities of the next Apple watch came from Bloomberg, which reported that Apple bought the sleep app startup Beddit two years ago.

Beddit is known for manufacturing sleep tracking devices. Due to this, some analysts speculated that the Apple Watch Series 5 could come with straps with built-in sensors to complement its supposed health tracking functions. This could mean that Apple will be working not only on the main watch component but functional accessories as well, which could eventually contribute to the delay of the watch’s release.

Then there is also news that the next watch can help the user keep track of blood sugar levels, can detect dangerous gases and even help a woman track her period. All these might require a new battery makeup altogether, said to keep the smartwatch running for two days on a full charge.

Apart from this news, what seems to be accurate are rumors that the Apple Watch S5 will focus more on internal upgrades. The watch’s processor chip is expected to be faster with an upgraded storage capacity of 16GB. This could mean better resolution for the Apple Watch S5.

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch Series 5 is expected to have an array of new functions. Pictured: General view of the Apple Watch during the Apple Covent Garden re-opening and iPhone XR launch at Apple store, Covent Garden on October 26, 2018 in London, England. Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images