Speaking at an Apple event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the widely anticipated Apple tablet, or as it's formally known, the iPad.

So all of us use laptops and smartphones... the question has arisen; is there room for something in the middle. We've wondered for years as well -- in order to create that category, they have to be far better at doing some key tasks... better than the laptop, better than the smartphone, Steve Jobs said.

We think we've got something that is better. And we call it the iPad.

Scott Forstall, the VP of the iPhone division also came up on stage to share some specs on the new tablet device.

All of the iPhone apps will run on this. In fact when you buy it, download all the apps you have right onto the iPad. Now if the developer spends some time modifying their app, they can take full advantage of this display, said Forstall.

We can also pixel double and run the apps full screen.