Reminder: Don’t Call 911 About Broken iPhone
Reminder: Don’t Call 911 About Broken iPhone REUTERS

Apple has successfully launched its new iPhone 4S with the iOS 5 operating system creating new sales records across the world. However, with the launch of the new device have come issues related to its screen and battery life; both these are at present haunting the Cupertino-based tech giant.

While it is natural for battery levels to decrease with use of a mobile phone, the number of reports complaining about the poor battery performance of the iPhone 4S is cause for concern for Apple. Several users have posted grievances on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking Web sites, saying they don't have the power back-up in their devices that was promised by its makers.

Both tech bloggers and iPhone users have tried various options, including shutting down the device's landmark feature - Siri, the personal voice-enabled assistant. However, the battery still refuses to last beyond a day, at most.

Apple has yet to comment on this issue.

However, a report in the Guardian suggests that Apple engineers are contacting users personally, in order to get more information about the issue. Meanwhile, some tech bloggers blame the poor battery performance on the new operating software - iOS 5. It has also been pointed out that some of the OS's newer features run constantly in the background, even when they are not required to do so, thereby draining even more of the smartphone's battery charge.

According to some experts, the use of features like the automatic Time Zone functionality and the Wi-Fi facility could be two of the major reasons behind the phone's battery-related problems. At the end of the day, although users are desperately waiting for an official word from Apple, reports indicate the iOS 5 as the major reason behind the decline in the iPhone's power-related performance.

Here are four ways which can help save the iPhone 4S' battery life.

Turn Off Time Zone: Navigate to Location Services and scroll to the bottom to find System Services. Find Setting Time Zone and turn it off.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Keeping the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on, especially when not connected to any network uses the battery more than normal. The phone keeps searching for the network when it is not connected resulting in poor power backup. You can find the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings in the Settings app.

Turn Off Calendar Notifications: This will disable iOS 5-style notifications. These consume lot of battery as a result of excessive notification polling. You can go to Settings - Notifications - Calendar to find Notification Center. Be assured that even after turning off the Notification Center, you will still be able to receive alerts in the old style.

Turn On Auto-Brightness: It is no secret that the display of any mobile phone is the second-biggest reason for depleted battery charge. To prevent the drain, it is advisable to set the brightness to an Auto mode. This allows your smartphone to adjust the brightness of the display according to current environment and lighting conditions. You can find the option in the Settings app.

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