Apple Pay
Apple Pay is set to hit Mac devices through the revamped Safari browser for the macOS Sierra. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Apple has released a new update for its experimental Safari Technology Preview browser, which gives developers and non-developers an idea on what’s to come to the revamped Safari browser that is slated to be released as part of the upcoming Mac OS update, the macOS Sierra. Since this is already the 11th preview for the browser, it does not include new features to brag about. Instead, it is filled with bug fixes and tweaks to improve the overall Safari experience.

According to MacRumors, the new Safari Technology Preview update has bug fixes for the issues spotted in the Apple Pay support of the browser and the problems previously found in JavaScript, Web APIs, Web Inspector, CSS, MathML, Content Blockers, Rendering, Media and Accessibility.

Introduced in the 8th update of the Safari Technology Preview, Apple Pay support is going to bring Apple Pay to the upcoming Safari browser. However, in the earlier previews, the Apple Pay allowed test users to leave the Shipping Address and Billing Address blank. With the new preview, this issue has been solved, so test users will now have to fill out those fields in order for them to proceed to using Apple Pay.

When it comes to Media fixes, the Safari Technology Preview 11 has fixed the captions that are not being rendered properly in the Picture-in-Picture window and addressed the problem with the media controls that are not appearing on autoplaying videos. Other details on the bug fixes and feature tweaks in the new preview are found on the full release notes on the Apple Developer’s site.

The preview is available to both developers and non-developers who want to help in testing out the functionality and features of the new Safari browser ahead of its official launch. One must have downloaded the Safari Technology Preview browser to download and install the new preview. Testing the Safari Preview does not require a developer account, but interested users should know that the experimental browser only works with Mac devices running on OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra beta.

The new preview version just comes days after Apple rolled out new betas of macOS Sierra, iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10. The sixth developer betas for the said platforms were launched on Monday, according to Apple Insider. Unlike the Safari Technology Preview that does not require an account to download, the new beta releases require Apple Beta Software Program registration.