MacBook Pro
Apple is rumored to launch a refresh of its MacBook Pro line this fall. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Every year, millions of Apple fans are anticipating for the release of the Cupertino giant’s new products. Since the iPhone 7 smartphones are already sure to become official this September, many are wondering if Apple is also refreshing its MacBook Pro despite naysayers’ claim that it has been a flop in the recent years. So can Apple consumers really expect a new MacBook Pro to arrive this 2016?

Last year, Apple introduced an updated 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro during its “Spring Forward” media event. Back then, the Pro laptop received a lot of criticism, with MacObserver even slamming Apple for calling an obvious rip-off of the 2013 model “new” and pointing out that the MacBook Pro 2015 was lacking in many areas and a complete failure for professionals who wanted a competent Mac Pro.

This year, Apple is rumored to launch a 2016 MacBook Pro this fall, but it is not clear yet if this one would hold up to the expectations of Apple fans and critics who are craving for a more upgraded device, specification- and feature-wise. However, as early as now the device is seen as a downer after it was revealed that the upcoming MacBook Pro will not come with Intel’s Kaby Lake Processor, like what previous rumors stated.

The Kaby Lake processor is said to be a powerful hardware that would enable highest quality 4K content to seamlessly work in a laptop. Also, according to MacRumors, the Kaby Lake is designed with microarchitecture and has support for native USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort 1.2. This new processor is going to power up the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini should Apple use it to these devices. Unfortunately, it was found our recently through an Intel roadmap that Kaby Lake chips are not arriving to Apple until mid to late next year. This just means that the 2016 MacBook Pro and any Mac devices that would come out this year and at the start of 2017 will not sport this processor.

Meanwhile, Apple is said to be updating the ports of the MacBook Pro this year to ensure that data transfer is faster and more seamless than before. Apple is reportedly doing this by looking into Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Type C ports for its upcoming MacBook Pro. However, Apple Insider has expressed that hopefully, the Cupertino giant would just stick to Thunderbolt 3 and not resort to putting both ports into the MacBook Pro since Thunderbolt 3 is faster than USB-C and because both ports accommodate the same cables.

Other specs and features of the 2016 MacBook Pro have yet to reach the rumor mill, but they are expected to emerge ahead of the launch of the new device, just like how the specs and features of the upcoming iPhone 7 devices are already making rounds on the Web as the hype over their debut on Sept. 7 intensifies.