• Apple's upcoming iPhone flagship lineup is expected to have better features
  • The new devices will have a better display with higher refresh rates
  • The new handsets will also feature improved camera setups

Although Apple's recently released iPhone SE was warmly received by many, fans are still waiting for the new set of flagship iPhones from the company. What will the upcoming iPhone flagships feature? Here's a quick look at what the new devices could offer buyers.

A new display with 120Hz refresh rate

While Apple has some of the best displays in any smartphone, the company is yet to launch an iPhone with a display that has 120Hz refresh rate. It a leak is accurate, the company will start doing so with the iPhone 12 series.

XDA Developers' Max Weinbach (via YouTuber EverythingApplePro) claimed that the upcoming iPhone 12 series might feature a “ProMotion” display that has 120Hz refresh rate. Not all four models will have this feature, however – only the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhones will have it.

The leaker claimed that the devices will dynamically switch between 60Hz and 120Hz so they will be able to prolong the battery life as needed. 9To5Mac noted that this is similar to the ProMotion system found in the iPad Pro.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro. Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)

Improved Face ID

EverythingApplePro also noted that the upcoming handsets will feature improved Face ID. Aside from being able to fit inside a smaller notch, the YouTuber said Face ID will support a wider field of view. This will allow users to unlock their devices from more angles.

LiDAR scanner

The new iPhone lineup is also expected to feature a LiDAR scanner. This sensor will give the devices the ability to produce improved portrait photos. This scanner will also give the new handsets heightened AR capabilities, as well as improved autofocus.

The LiDAR scanner was first revealed by a leaker who posted images showing a four-camera setup at the back of the upcoming iPhone models.

Improved Smart HDR

EverythingApplePro also said SmartHDR is being improved to reduce noise in dark environments. This will result to better-looking photos taken at night.

A bigger battery

9To5Mac noted that the biggest model in the iPhone 12 series, the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, will have a battery larger than 4,400 mAh. This battery will power the upcoming device's features like the aforementioned ProMotion display as well as 5G connectivity.