Apple has finally sent out invites for its Sept. 12 event, where the company is expected to launch its tenth-anniversary iPhone — the iPhone 8 — along with the iPhone 7S, the new augmented reality capable iOS 11 and the Apple Watch 3 smartwatch with inbuilt LTE capabilities.

iPhone 8

The event will take place at the newly built Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. The event is awaited with higher anticipation than previous Apple events, mostly because of iPhone 8, which is expected to be the company’s first phone without bezels or a home button. It is also expected to come with cameras capable of shooting 4K videos at 60 frames per second. It is also rumored to support long-range wireless charging, but whether Apple actually endows the device with the feature remains to be seen.

The most awaited feature of the device is its augmented reality capabilities. The device is expected to have a 3D-sensing front camera designed to work with AR apps. Apple demonstrated its AR concept at the World Wide Developers Conference in June, showcasing how it can be integrated in a real-world environment.

The company’s ARKit has been available for more than a couple of months to developers now, and the company is expected to launch AR-based apps and games alongside the iPhone 8.

iOS 11

Apple recently launched the ninth beta of iOS 11, and it seems the operating system update is ready for launch.

iOS 11 is expected to come with many new features such as a Do Not Disturb mode, Apple Pay via iMessage and improved layout for the control center, notifications and photos. It will also give file access to users for the first time, according to developers such as Steve Troughton Smith.

Apple is also expected to revamp its Maps feature, which has been largely inaccurate and therefore useless since many years.

iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

Apple might be launching not one but three iPhones at the Sept. 12 event, since the $1,000 iPhone 8 might be out of the reach of many users. The company might be following its natural progression of launching ‘S’ series devices after its numeric variants. The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are not expected to be as feature-rich as the iPhone 8, but might feature incremental improvements to the previous generation smartphones, as ‘S’ series iPhones generally do.

Apple Watch 3

The company is also expected to launch its next-generation smartwatch at the event. It is expected to be launched at the same $269 price tag as the Apple Watch 1 and 2.

The smartwatch is expected to be made by Quanta Computer, which made the previous generation smartwatches. The Apple Watch 3 is expected to come with LTE connectivity, which would make it capable of functioning without a connected iPhone. Users will be able to make calls and stream Apple Music from the smartwatch itself. The device is also expected to have improved processing speed and battery life, along with security features such as a display-embedded TouchID fingerprint sensor.