Apple has for years been making cool tech toys that people crave. While the smartphone wars are pretty new, and Apple has been on top of that since the beginning, the medium of television has been around for several generations. What if the world's leading consumer tech company were to dive into the world of television? Isn't that where all this computer tech is going anyway? Wouldn't you expect Apple to be the company to finally put the power of the Web into a must have television?

Steve Jobs agreed, according to the new biography of the same name. Jobs called it the simplest interface imaginable.

That idea appears to be coming to life, and an Apple television (not the iTunes streaming set-top box they already tried) may even come with the highly touted Siri voice recognition that's currently only available on the iPhone 4S, Nick Bilton said on his New York Times Bits blog.

Apple rules the roost when it comes to small screens, compared to the 40 plus inch television screens out there now. The price for large displays including the computer technology Apple would no doubt install, could be prohibitively expensive right now. That means a true Apple television is probably at least a year away.

Nevertheless, large display prices aside, Apple television with Siri voice recognition could do to television what iPhone did for mobile. Jobs' biography revealed he had excitedly said 'I've cracked it,' and Bilton took that to be in reference to the Siri integrated television. Other tidbits the Jobs biography tells is that Jobs considered the founding of Apple to be a time when he and (future) Apple founder Steve Wozniak created a 'blue box.'

The device reproduced the tones that the phone company used and allowed users to make free long distance phone calls. Wozniak and Jobs sold about 100 of them and founded Apple only a few years later. Additionally, the book tells Jobs didn't really even know how to code or program computers, and that he was more into marketing new devices that he was excited about.

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