• The company confirmed that it had gathered around $4 million in series A round funding
  • It is now backed by notable investors, including Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates
  • In just two months, preorders for the Paradigm already exceeded 7,000 units

The Paradigm, a 1,000-mile range solar EV concept from Aptera Motors, is a step closer to mass production. This comes after the manufacturer reported a recent growth of investors' and consumers' interest in the electric vehicle.

In one of its capital-raising activities, the company confirmed that it had gathered approximately $4 million in funding. This prompted the executives to announce that they can move on to the production phase sooner this year.

Furthermore, Aptera Motors shared that it now has support from crowd funders, private investors and leading figures in the automotive industry. Among those named by Robb Report is Sandy Munro of the global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Munro & Associates.

"I'm betting on a solar future, and I'm betting on Aptera," said Munro in a press release. "The industry needs more creative engineering like this to progress ahead. I'm happy to be assisting Aptera as they move into production and beyond."

Beyond capital investments, Aptera Motors revealed that in just two months, preorders for the Paradigm had already exceeded 7,000 units. These reservations are likewise amounting over $250 million. The exact count for each version of the machine was not specified.

The base trim of the solar-electric vehicle starts at $29,900, while the range-topping model, the Paradigm Plus, costs around $46,900. For comparison, two of its biggest competitors, the Tesla Model 3 and Lucid Air, sell for $36,000 and $77,400 respectively.

Aside from the pricing, the Paradigm's hybrid powertrain puts its above other emission-free platforms. Its 100-kWh battery along with the solar panels gives this three-wheeled two-seater a range of about 1,000 miles on a full charge.

Even if the operator switches to a solar-only mode, the futuristic EV can still drive 45 miles per day.

"With only four key structural parts, Aptera's unique body shape allows it to slip through the air using far less energy than other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today," the company pointed out.

Aptera Motors will be assembling the Paradigm and Paradigm Plus in its new facility in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, California. Its headquarters will be also housing its engineers who are developing battery technologies, advanced 3D printing, composites and UI/UX for their vehicles.

Aptera Motors Paradigm Aptera Motors' Solar EV hybrid in Noir charging under the sun Photo: Aptera Motors