A number of trainers swear by Ariel Winter's butt exercise, also known as deadlift.

Earlier this week, the "Modern Family" star shared a clip of herself doing deadlift in the gym on Instagram. Following the release of the clip, trainers explained the benefits of Winter's butt workout. They revealed that people often perform the deadlift in their daily lives without being aware of it.

"A lot of people forget they do deadlifts in everyday life, whether they're picking up a child during the day or carrying groceries," Tony Gentilcore, strength and sports performance trainer, said. "The benefit of the deadlift is then that it carries over to those real life activities, and if it's done correctly, it's a great way of building resiliency in the body. If you're training to get stronger or add muscle to your frame, it's a great exercise in that regard, too."

Gentilcore added that this workout can be done by anyone because it is beginner-friendly. It is very easy to do and can be performed using any equipment, including dumbbells, kettlebells and even cable pull throughs.

"It's a very easy exercise to cater to the ability and experience level of the trainee and the person. There's no rulebook saying you need to lift a heavy barbell off the floor for the count of the deadlift," Gentilcore added.

Meanwhile, according to Holly Perkins, deadlift is a compound exercise. This workout involves multiple muscles groups and joints. "If we were to compare it to a bicep curl, a bicep curl is a single joint exercise, you might hit eight muscles with a single joint exercise, whereas a deadlift is hitting a whole lot more," Perkins explained.

Deadlift works primarily for glutes and hamstrings. But when this is done correctly, it can also work on your abs, arms, hips and back.

Perkins advised that one should work with a trainer or study videos to do this routine correctly as it presents real risk of injury. In fact, even though she's been doing this for over a decade, she is still improving her form. "Have someone help you, study videos online, or work with a trainer," Perkins added. "I've been doing deadlifts for 15 years and I'm still refining my technique."

If you are interested in Winter's butt exercise, watch the video below to perform it properly.

Ariel Winter
Trainers recently explained the benefits of deadlift, Ariel Winter's butt exercise. Pictured: Winter attends the 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party at Sunset Tower on Sept. 15, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. Getty Images/Neilson Barnard