• "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" is now available
  • The game has a secret ending unknown to many players
  • Check out these tips on how to access the game's secret ending

Ubisoft offered more than what was expected of it when it launched "Assassin's Creed Valhalla." Apart from making major improvements on the previous "Assasin's Creed" installment, the game features a secret ending. For fans looking for ways on how to access this secret ending, these tips and tricks might come in handy.

Secret Ending Requirements

Players must complete 10 Animus Anomaly puzzles in the game to gain access to the secret ending. Although these puzzles are not significantly challenging, they require players to control a light beam to create platforms where they could launch across. As soon as these puzzles are completed, players could solve the game's final mission to access the secret ending.

Ten Animus Anomaly Locations

First Anomaly

Players could find the first Animus Anomaly in Hordafulke, Norway. It is in the northwest corner of the map and the only puzzle in Norway. All other Animus Anomaly puzzles could be found in England.

'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' puts players in the role of a powerful Viking.
'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' puts players in the role of a powerful Viking. Ubisoft

Second Anomaly

The second Animus Anomaly puzzle could be found on Needham Lake in East Anglia. It is located east of Edmund's Hope, just by the river bank.

Third Anomaly

The third Animus Anomaly puzzle is in Ledecestrescire in Reventhorpe. Players could travel southwest from Ragnarsson Lookout to get there.

Fourth Anomaly

Players could find another Animus Anomaly puzzle on the nearby hill in Snotinghamscire.

Fifth Anomaly

When at the southern border of Sciropescire, players could go to Quartzite Ridge to access another Animus Anomaly puzzle.

Sixth Anomaly

Another Animus Anomaly could be found in the island region of the Isle of Wight. It could be found in the island's eastern portion.

Seventh Anomaly

Players could also go to Lincolnshire to track down the Animus Anomaly. It is located on top of a wooden platform in the Basilica Ruins.

Eighth Anomaly

Another Animus Anomaly puzzle could be found at Thornburg Henges in Northumbria.

Ninth Anomaly

Players could also visit a lake in Oxenfordscire and travel to the east to find the Aqueduct. It is where another Animus Anomaly could be found.

Tenth Anomaly

Another Animus Anomaly puzzle site is located at the Southern Sisters. It is in the southernmost part of England.

As soon as "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" players complete all ten Animus Anomaly puzzles, a secret cutscene would be unlocked when players reach the game's ending.