• PS5 users can now play "Demon's Souls Remake"
  • The main currency in the game is Soul
  • Check out tips on how and where to farm massive amount of Souls in the game

Soul is the major currency in "Demon's Souls Remake." Unlike in other RPG titles, players lose it when they die. Souls are essential in buying items or leveling up in the game. For players having a hard time obtaining Souls, here are some tips and tricks on how to farm Souls fast in the game.

Beat The Storm King and Killing Manta Enemies

For players who want to obtain 20,000 Souls, they should take out the Storm King in 4-3. In this mission, players must complete the Shrine of Storms first to get the Storm Ruler sword. Players could easily wipe out all enemies and collect 20,000 Souls for each run, but it takes a lot of time.

In this task, players need the Ring of Avarice, Storm Ruler Sword and Ronin’s Ring. Then, they have to proceed to a rundown old house. Using the Storm Ruler Sword, they have to take out all manta enemies to collect Souls.

demon's souls ps5
Blueprint's Demon's Souls remake is gearing up to be one the premiere PS5 launch titles.

If the players die, the game would respawn at the Old Hero’s Archstone. For players using a female character, they should have a Silver Bracelet and a Ring of Avarice to do this.

Three Red Eye Knights

Another way to farm more Souls in the game is by defeating the Red Eyed Knight. Players can do this repeatedly to collect more Souls. From the 1-1 Archstone, players should proceed to the shortcut and defeat the Soldier using a Crossbow and two Dreglings. They need to head to the upper section of the castle next and enter the last room at its end.

There, they need to approach the Red Eye Knight and lure him on the stairwell until players reach the two barrels. The Red Eyed Knight should fall to the bottom of the stairs when he tries to get past the barrel. At that point, players can loot his body and collect his Souls. Players can earn 2000 Souls for every knight defeated.

Reaper Enemies

Another way to farm Souls in "Demon's Souls Remake" is by going to 4-2, where past the Archstone special Reaper enemies surface. Players could use arrows to defeat them. One of the Reapers will drop 4,000 Souls when taken out.