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AT&T LG G4 users say their devices are getting installed with a software update automatically without showing any alert. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Owners of AT&T LG G4 devices are complaining about a mysterious over-the-air update that downloads and installs automatically. Users have spoken out on Reddit, XDA and Twitter as the update seems to start without any notification.

Phandroid reports that before receiving an OTA update, users are notified by some kind of a prompt along with the changelog. Users have the power to cancel or postpone the update according to their preferences.

Many AT&T LG G4 owners are complaining on Reddit that their devices are restarting and installing the update without showing any alert or changelog. And there is no option to deny the installation of the mysterious software update.

On AT&T’s website, correct information on the unknown OTA update is available. It states that it started releasing an update for LG G4 (H810) from June 5. It is a minor update that brings enhancements to the AT&T Address Book. The version of the firmware is H81010e and it weighs 26 MB.

AT&T LG G4 Pricing

The LG G4 is available with AT&T in two color options, Genuine Leather Black and Metallic Gray. Without contract, the Metallic Gray LG G4 with 32 GB storage is available for $629. A two-year contract on metallic gray variant is priced at $199. Alternatively, the Next 12 with a down payment of $189.99 will let users own the device by making payments of $15.75 for 28 months.

There are three Next plans available for metallic gray LG G4. The AT&T Next 12 plan requires users to make a down payment of $189.99 along with monthly installments of $31.50 for 28 months. With the Next 18 plan, subscribers shell out $26.25 as monthly installments for 24 months. Lastly, the Next 24 plan requires users to make monthly payments of $21 for 30 months

The Genuine Leather Black LG G4 with 32 GB storage is available for $669 without any contract. With a two-year contract, the LG G4 can be bought for $239.99 through AT&T. The AT&T Next 12 will let users avail the device for an upfront cost of $201 along with monthly installments of $16.75 for 28 months.

AT&T is also offering three Next plans for Genuine Leather Black. The Next 12 plan makes the LG G4 available for $33.50 monthly installments for 20 months. The Next 18 plan, users are required to pay $27.92 for 24 months. With Next 24 plan, LG G4 can be purchased with $22.4 monthly payments for 30 months.