Are you sick of overage fees? Well, AT&T announced it will be giving their customers a break towards the end of the month. The telecommunications corporation released a revised lineup of their monthly service plans called Mobile Share Advantage. Set to launch Aug. 21, the company offers customers the opportunity to gain a wireless experience without overage charges, according to the AT&T Newsroom.

The new plan also offers more data at a lower cost per megabyte than some of the plans that are currently available with the company. Also, instead of charging customers $15 per gigabyte of data in overage fees, AT&T will simply slow customers’ connection speed to 128kbps once they exceed their monthly plan.

Customers no longer have to worry about being shocked by an unexpected bill hike and they still have the option to pay for more high-speed data, according to the Verge. While Verizon, which introduced a “Safety Mode” feature for its mobile plans, still charges lower tier customers who go over their monthly data, AT&T will not be tacking on any additional costs.

The Mobile Share Advantage still keeps the benefits of previous plans such as unlimited domestic talk and text, rollover data, sharable data, international perks and mobile hotspot capability. Also with the new plan, customers with at least 10GB will receive roaming in Mexico which was previously only available to customers with a 15GB plan.

The new plan starts at 1GB for $30 and goes up to 100GB. Business customers can use the mobile Share Advantage for Business plans. These plans start at 25GB and go up to 200GB. It can also accommodate up to 25 lines.

Smartphone holders with no annual contract will be charged a $20 access charge per smartphone each month on the Mobile Share Advantage plan. Those on the business plan will be charged $15 per smartphone line.