Thanos (as he appears in the comic books) will be the new villain in "The Avengers 2." Wikipedia

If you made the mistake of leaving during the credits of "The Avengers" then you won't want to miss watching this clip. During one of the post-credit scenes, fans got a glimpse of Thanos, the presumed villain of "The Avengers 2." The Thanos clip will be featured on "The Avengers" Blu-ray when it's released in September, but if you can't wait that long Marvel was gracious enough to post it online!

The secret scene featuring the new villain was one of the big guns that Marvel pulled out during production of "The Avengers." But who exactly is this Thanos character?

According to, Thanos, an Eternal, is one of the last sons of the original colonists of Titan, Saturn's moon. Our heroes are in store for some superhuman strength, endurance, fast reflexes and wicked agility. What will be even more of a struggle for the hunky men (and dashing woman) that made box office history this year is that Thanos is said to immortal and unable to die. According to Marvel, his immortality comes from a past run in with death, something that left him cursed with immortality.

So what exactly can our heroes expect from Thanos? Psionic blast of energy from his eyes and hands! Similar to Thor and his land, Thanos has technology that is far more advanced than what planet Earth has. Luckily for the Avengers they have Tony Stark and Dr. Banner to work something out.

When "The Avengers" first took theaters by storm, director and writer Joss Whedon explained that he wanted the film to feature Thanos because he is "the most powerful and fascinating Marvel villain...He's the great granddaddy of the bad a-es and he's in love with death and I just think that's so cute."

Check out the secret scene of Thanos from "The Avengers" credits below.

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