• Baby Doge Coin's mission is to help save dogs
  • It has worked with an organization to help Ukrainian refugees and their pets 
  • Baby Doge Coin was trading down 1.86% at 0.000000002796 as of 8:50 p.m. ET on March 17

Staying true to its mission of helping save dogs, Baby Doge Coin has extended $25,000 in financial support to the Humane Society International.

Humane Society International (HSI), an animal protection organization, thanked Baby Doge Coin for its support to the group's effort in helping Ukraine and animals in crisis around the world. On Twitter, the group said that the support of Baby Doge Coin will help it in continuing its mission.

"Thanks to the generous support of @BabyDogeCoin, $25,000 in donations were matched for our Ukraine efforts and to help animals in crisis around the world. With your support, we’re able to continue our lifesaving work," HSI tweeted Thursday.

What are we doing to help animals and people in Ukraine?
We’ve all seen the images of the Ukraine people desperately fleeing with their pets in tow, showing the world that they value their animals’ lives just as they do their own. We talk with Kelly Donithan, Director of Global Disaster Response, about the relief work we’re doing for Ukrainian refugees and their pets—and all animals in Ukraine. YouTube Screenshot/Humane Society International Official YouTube Channel

The tweet inspired followers of the dog-themed coin on the micro-blogging site. One Twitter user expressed their gratitude to the developer and the community for stepping up to support the animal protection organization and its work.

"As a member of the #BabyDoge community I appreciate the developer, his team and all Babydoge holders. for sorting out these and the support of such donations. Thank you," user Brumtown_· tweeted.

Twitter user masrizky454 said, "More love and love with #BabyDogeCoin always have a positive impact on other people, especially animals, a very noble thing from a community for the community , hopefully soon reach our respective targets."

HSI operates all over the world to promote the human-animal bond. The organization is known for its selfless efforts in rescuing and protecting dogs and cats, improving farm animal welfare, protecting wildlife and promoting animal-free testing and research.

HSI is also active in responding to natural disasters and is known for its stand against cruelty to animals in all forms. The organization is currently active in helping Ukranian refugees fleeing the conflict along with their beloved pets.

HSI provides emergency funding and supplies to refugees including distribution of blankets, pet foods and even veterinary care. The team also works with local groups to provide a welcome lifeline for animal victims.

Meanwhile, Baby Doge Coin was trading down 1.86% at 0.000000002796 with a 24-hour volume of $4,285,493 as of 8:50 p.m. ET on March 17, showed data from CoinMarketCap.