Courtney Robertson

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Well, it's no surprise that The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik picked 28-year-old model Courtney Robertson in the season finale. He was smitten from the beginning.

Robertson and Lindzi Cox both managed to charm Flajnik's mother and sister and win the coveted family stamp of approval, although his sister initially saw it as a red flag when she heard that Robertson reportedly did not get along with the other contestants. She also kind of smirked at the model's profession, but in a protective sister sort of way. Flajnik looked especially relieved when his mom and sister gave Robertson the thumbs-up she wasn't getting from certain contestants. It was finally a done deal.

It was disappointing to see the very likeable Cox get so wishy-washy at the end and tell Flajnik to call her if things didn't work out with Robertson, but she has since bounced back. She's shown no ill will toward Flajnik.

I'm in a really good place and I'm happy how it ended up, she told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night. I respect it.

What about Robertson?

I didn't dislike her, she told the talk show host.

More interesting than the season finale was the subsequent After the Final Rose talk.

Flajnik told The Bachelor host Chris Harrison that he watched the show when it began to air and saw exactly what the other contestants had been warning him about. But he also argued that the women had been too vague in their complaints of Robertson.

When asking the women for specific examples I never got any, he told Harrison.

Watching Robertson's behavior ended up souring the relationship. Flajnik revealed that he and Robertson did not speak to each other for a period of time and had been essentially broken up.

That drew gasps from the audience.

So, are the Sonoma winemaker and the model from Arizona still together?

Robertson wasn't wearing the huge rock Flajnik presented her with in the season finale, and the two weren't in sync when they were together in front of Harrison, although they did hold hands.

Harrison eventually presented them with the ring Flajnik used to propose to her.

The couple reconciled and Flajnik put the ring back on her finger.

And as for the photos that surfaced showing Robertson trying on wedding dresses?

Flajnik admitted that was a bit of an attention stunt on Robertson's part to divert some of the attention he was getting from the photos that showed him with other women (he denied canoodling with women other than Robertson). Flajnik also said that Robertson alerted him to the wedding dress plans and that he himself was fine with it.

Harrison was incredulous.

You guys clearly are very weird, he told Flajnik.

Flajnik didn't deny it.

Very strange, he said.

A match made in heaven.

(Photo credit: ABC via Facebook)