• "Back 4 Blood" will use a simplified and rebalanced version of its card system in PvP game modes
  • Zombie players will have access to a unique upgrade system 
  • The new Swarm mode emphasizes teamplay and strategy for both teams

Following the recent release of the PvP trailer for “Back 4 Blood,” Turtle Rock Studios shared some more information about how the game’s version of the classic Versus mode works, including some insight into how the new card system will influence players on both teams

Back 4 Blood” lead producer Matt O’Driscoll sat down with Gamespot to talk about the upcoming changes to the game’s PvP Swarm mode as well as the new mechanics that they have put in place.

When asked about the new card system, O’Driscoll said that there will be some differences between how the cards are picked and balanced between PvE and PvP. Instead of picking their own set of cards, Cleaners will only get to pick between pre-built card decks that are designed to fulfill specific roles. Players who want to specialize on healing or melee weapons will have to pick the appropriate deck for their preferred playstyle.

O’Driscoll also said that the cards will have minor stat changes in PvP for the sake of balance. However, the discrepancies will be relatively minor, such as a health boost card giving 100 extra HP in PvP than in PvE.

As for the Ridden, players will get access to a completely new system called the “Zombie Mutation System.” The ZMS works like a shop; players will have to spend points to obtain passive bonuses under Offensive, Defensive and Utility categories. O’Driscoll said that the ZMS is essentially the card system but for zombies, allowing players to specialize in different areas based on their preferences.

Ridden players will passively gain points after every round. More points will be rewarded based on how many rounds have passed and on how well a player performs. The Ridden will be able to pick more mutations before every round starts.

A variant of the Tallboy Ridden in Back 4 Blood A variant of the Tallboy Ridden in Back 4 Blood Photo: Turtle Rock Studios

On the other hand, Cleaners will get to explore the map and look for useful weapons or supplies for a certain amount of time before a round begins.

There is an extra element of strategy in “Back 4 Blood’s” new Swarm mode. Players will have to pick their engagements carefully in a race to survive three waves as the Cleaners, putting pressure on the Ridden to be as vicious and aggressive as possible.